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Color Marathon is one of the largest providers for Rangoli Color Powder in the USA. We supply a range of high quality, non-toxic colors throughout the world. Our customers love the bright and vibrant hue of our colors, no other company can beat the bright colors that we produce. Color Marathon colors are used in many events like floor Art competition, religious Holi festival,  gender reveals, weddings, and many more. Color Marathon colors will truly bring ultimate fun to all your events. These colors are made with a very high safety standards, however, these colors are not meant for human consumption nor should be used as a make-up product. 


We can also customize orders to suit your specific event, and also provide wholesale rates for big orders, just shoot us an email.


All Our Products are

  • Premium Quality Powder
  • External Use Only





Color Powder is just for playing and art purpose. Not suitable to eat for Children and Adults too. Avoid colors to get in contact with eyes and face.