Color Powder Packets

Make this Events & Parties more colorful with Color Powder Packets from the color marathon. Check out the various types of color powders from the wonderful collection.Standard colors are Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple.

Buy Color Powder:

The color festival breathes a climate of social happiness. Individuals cover their axes with a warm grasp and throw their stresses to the wind. Each niche and corner exhibit a brilliant sight. Youthful and old alike are secured with hues (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange and pink). Individuals in little gatherings are seen singing, dancing and throwing hues in the air.

The Quality of Color Powder:

  • Colored powder ought to be utilized make with top notch cornstarch and sustenance dyes.
  • Cornstarch Colored Powder is a premium quality powder.
  • You can Buy Color Powder Online from Color Marathon, however, it is prescribed that this color powder is made from food color and cornstarch.


Caution: Holi Color Powder is just for playing and art purpose. Not suitable to eat for Children and Adults too. Avoid colors to get in contact with eyes and face.