Simple Ways to Make Under Water Rangoli

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Rangoli is one of the most adorable ways to make your entrance look beautiful and colorful. It adds elegance to the courtyard on festivals. Simply make any rangoli and your courtyard will glow with colors and design. There are different types of Rangoli forms, yet combining them still make one best art to create.


Simple Ways to Make Under Water Rangoli


There are different types of rangoli and each one has its own individual identity and beauty. These days one of the popular arts trending worldwide is the underwater rangoli. This form is done in two different types whichever is suitable for an individual. Here is how you can try it on your own at home. This is also an interesting activity for summer to make your kids indulge into. So check out how you can do it and make your kids involved in this activity:



Under Water Rangoli using Wax


Underwater rangoli with powder color


To start with this procedure you need few things like:


- Rangoli Color Powder


- A Vessel or a plate with higher sides


- Wax or candle




  • Start by heating the plate for some time. Add in the molten wax in the plate. Another way to do is using candle by rubbing it all over the bottom of the plate so that the base is covered with wax layer.


  • Let the wax dry over your plate for some time.


  • Once the layered wax is completely dry, make your design over it. Choose any design of your choice. If you are new to this procedure, we recommend you to try Simple Rangoli Design.


  • After you are done with the design, heat the plate once again to melt the wax. This will settle your design at the bottom.


  • Now let the plate cool down for some time. Add water into it after the wax is dry. Pour the water slowly from sides because if the water flow is forceful, then the design might wear out.


  • Following all these steps, you are ready with your underwater rangoli using wax.


With the same steps or using the same ingredients, you can also try doing floating rangoli. This is also a simple form to do. Check out the steps online.



Under Water Rangoli using Oil


Under water rangoli holi color powder


If you want to bring the charm of rangoli indoor on your tables, then this too is possible. The underwater rangoli using oil can be used for the indoor and outdoor activity.


  • To start with this idea, you need to first decide the design that you wish to make. Fix the theme of your drawing.


  • Take a container according to your design. If you are doing small design then the smaller container will work, but if you have a big design then a larger container will be required.


  • Put oil in the container or a transparent plate. Use as much oil as possible to cover the container. Use distemper that can be used to place on the surface of the glass bowl.


  • Now, apply the color power or the design you wish to make on that plate. Wait till the oil absorbs the color.


  • The trick is that water never gets mix with oil, so here the design will stay secured into the water. It is recommended to wait until all colors are well absorbed in oil so that the design is properly set below.


  • Now, the plate that you have your design ready has to be put inside the water. Here you will see the underwater design of rangoli using oil. This too is a tricky and magical moment to see the real outcome of the design. Pour water very slowly and from one side of the plate. The force of water should not mix the design.


There are many other such tricks available. However, what plays the important role here is the design. The more simple and colorful you make it, which will glow up the whole arrangement. It is Very easy and instant style of getting the rangoli done. Another best part about this style is that you can move it anywhere and anytime. Also, adding floating candles to this would light up your design more at night.


Rangoli designs are very popular in India. It is the tradition of many Indians to draw Simple Rangoli Designs in their courtyard every day early in the morning. There is dots style which is an ancient style, but today you have free hand rangoli designs available.


With the underwater rangoli, everything is very easy for you. The plate is easily movable and one can place it anywhere they would like to. It does not leave any color stain on the ground when removed. So if you are hosting a party having this would just make that empty space look special.



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