Significance of Why Do We Draw Rangoli

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In India, Rangoli is drawn in a bevy of celebrations like Diwali, Onam, Durga puja. It is drawn on some auspicious occasions like wedding ceremony, housewarming and welcoming guests too. Rangoli is a beautiful symbol of art and it is painted at the front door of the houses. This not decorates the entrance of the houses but it is believed that drawing rangoli removes the bad spirit and bring happiness in the home.


Significance of Why Do We Draw Rangoli


There are many forms of art like peacock, flower and many Indian deities image is drawn in an artistic manner using different colors. Buy Rangoli Colours Online and indulge into Rangoli ritual.





History of why we make Rangoli


There is one old historic event that Chritralakshana the first critique of India’s son died. He was sad. So Brahma directed him to draw his son’s picture. Brahma breathed a life into this portrait. This was the first rangoli design produced. There are so many ancient beliefs for Rangoli art but the main aspect behind Rangoli is to bring back the life. Bring back devotion, color, and joy in the life. “Rangoli” name is derived from Sanskrit word “Rangavali”. It is believed that this artistic tradition first started in Maharashtra and then it is followed by every state in India.


It is also a huge belief that Ram came back in the empire “Ayodhya” and people of Ayodhya welcomed Ram with drawing artistic rangoli in their front doors. In the ancient times, people go for “Prabhat feri”. In Prabhat Feri, people walk into the streets in the early morning and speak god’s name. During this time ladies of the home clean the streets and décor their outdoor with the beautiful Rangoli. It is a belief that in the early morning God comes in the doors and Rangoli is drawn at the doors to welcome the God. It reflects the deep sense of spirituality.



What is Rangoli Made of?


What is Rangoli Made of


In ancient times only natural colors are used to draw rangoli. Like turmeric and red chili powder is used to get the red and yellow color. In south India, coarse rice powder is used to draw dotted rangoli. This is used to feed the birds. But now coarse marble powder is used to get shiny white color. Red bricks powder is used to get the red color. Many use flower petals and green leaves for the lively decoration. Now there are various types of sawdust and corn flour powder is available mixed with sand and marble dust. Sawdust, bricks powder, corn flour are mixed in color water. Once it gets dried this is used to make wonderful rangoli designs. Today various types of ready-made synthetic dyes used to draw rangoli designs.



Significance of Rangoli


Importance of Making Rangoli


  • Rangoli has its special meaning and definition. This is drawn mostly in the happiest occasions or religious ceremonies.
  • In during Diwali ladies draw Goddess Laxmi in the outdoor to welcome the goddess of wealth. This is done to praise the Goddess Laxmi and pray her to bring the good health and wealth in the homes.
  • Lord Ganesha rangoli is also popular in religious and happiest occasions. Lord Ganesha is a symbol of good starting.
  • There are many curves and designs made to welcome the guests and celebrities. It is said that drawing Rangoli is not a piece of art but it is the symbol of throwing bad spirit and invite positive vibes in life.
  • Art and color are the beautiful combinations that satisfy the body and soul. It helps in showing your great respect towards the one you want to welcome with the whole heart.
  • There are various types of traditional patterns like a swastika, Ohm, lotus, trident, footprints, and animals. These are used to make wonderful designs on the front foot of the door.
  • In some schools, rangoli competition is held to encourage the art loving students. Some also believe that it is a good exercise to relieve the stress from the mind.
  • Art is a good source to throw the negative energy and bring the positivity in life. It is also a good exercise for strengthening the body muscles.



If you are thinking How to Draw Rangoli, we have provided a link for this. Now there are various types of images and rangoli pens available to draw your rangoli in a few minutes. it is a perfect form of art to invite the goodness and happiness in the happiest occasion. If you do not know about rangoli designs you can take inspiration from the rangoli design site. Here you can learn how to draw rangoli. Though there is a different tradition of drawing rangoli art. The main reason behind drawing this art is to bring wealth, good luck and prosperity in homes.



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