9 Outstanding Rangoli Pattern Ideas to Try Once

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Rangoli is the colorful way to make your courtyard look beautiful. There are many innovative and creative ideas to draw it. Everyone is not able to make all types of rangoli. To bring it to your notice here are different types of rangoli design that you must try once.


Outstanding Rangoli Pattern Ideas to Try Once



Free Hand Rangoli


Free Hand Rangoli using Powder Color


Freehand Rangoli with Color Powder is a very common type that is usually seen at every Indian house. This type is easy to draw using Rangoli Color Powder. On any auspicious occasion, the rangoli is drawn in the courtyard if every house. This type of rangoli is started with first a rough skeleton of the free hand design that you want to draw. With the help of chalk, this is done. Then with the wonderful color combination, the picture is completed. This rangoli type is known as Evergreen style. Sand is the easiest way to do this as it can help you erase out anything you thing is not good while making the rangoli.



Flowers Rangoli


Flower Rangoli Design


Flowers are everyone’s most favorite thing. Having its presence brings in unusual happiness and warmth, which completely freshen up the mind. Flower rangolis are as beautiful as the beauty of a flower. On any special occasion, this flower rangoli can be created. In south India, this popular style is known to recognized and loved worldwide. Bright flowers like marigold and rose petals are used here. A design is created using different flowers petals and some green leaves to add greenery. Any flower combination works here because everything about this style is so unusual. This style is one the attraction and tradition that is followed in every house during Onam.



Dotted Rangoli


Dotted Rangoli Design


A Rangoli Designs using dots is the most ancient style. The design is made by connecting dots. Having equal number and equal distance to create a shape, the dots are used to have symmetric lines. Shapes like square, round or star designs are created by connecting dots. Once the dots are connected with lines a design is created. Further colors are filled in the design which makes it more bright design. Adding colors make it look more charming. There are some dot designs, which are goo to be kept in white color only.



Floating Rangoli


Floating Rangoli Design


This one is the modern and youngest style of rangoli designing. In this, diyas, flowers, candles are seen floating on the water. All this rangoli arrangement is done is a huge bowl that contains water. These days there are different addition done to this. Watercolors are used now in water to add more spark to the whole arrangement. This is completely a sight for an eye to keep watching. If you are not one of those who can spend much time in drawing rangoli and then colorings it, Floating Rangoli would be the perfect escape from all those methods. Simply get any bowl, add in water using petals of flowers and diyas, and create an arrangement in over the water. The light and flower are sure to make your table or courtyard look charming.



Chowk Rangoli


Chowk Rangoli Design


This is the oldest form of rangoli. It is still followed in many parts of India including temples. These designs are made at the entrance on a special occasion to welcome guests. During the festivals such as gangour, Satyanarayana, Katha, Chhath Puja, etc this style is seen in every house and temple. The design is done by using past of wheat flour, vermilion, and turmeric. The reason for this ingredient to be used is because they are considered auspicious to please any god or goddess. This style is basically a line art that you create at the entrance.





Alpana Rangoli Design


Alpana is one of the popular styles of rangoli in Bengal. This rangoli design is made from the paste of ground rice. Using three fingers the design is made. This style is always drawn in a huge area as the design looks amazing when stretched to longer diameter. It is seen on the occasion of Durga pooja and Diwali. Bengal is most decorated with this rangoli design which is one auspicious occasion. If you are a kind of person who doesn't want to mess with colors, this would be the perfect style to start the design.



Wooden Rangoli


Wooden Rangoli Rangoli


If you do not want to invest time and energy in making rangoli every time, this is a one-time good investment. It is a simpler form of rangoli if compared with other styles. The design stencils in wood are available now in the market. All you have to do is, get them, place it on the floor where ever you thing is right and sprinkle the Rangoli Powder. If you find it plain, add stones and glitter to it. Also, the other way to do it is to paint it. This kind of stencils come is fixed set. Things like flower, bird, leaf etc are usually seen in this. This can be arranged anywhere on the flower or on the wall, the choice is yours.



Glass Rangoli


Glass Rangoli design


This style of rangoli is not very much popular. If there is no such time, it can experiment. Using glass piece in different shape and some decorative the rangoli can be made. This is the quickest and easiest way to make rangoli. Same as wooden, this can be placed anywhere on the floor or on the wall. Keeping it on the table during festive can also make the meal look more ethnic and traditional. Not leaving the traditional essence of the occasion? There are many ways to use this. So once you make it, it can be reused in many different ways on different occasion.



Leaf Rangoli


Leaf Rangoli Design


This is again an interesting style of rangoli that is usually making using the leaf. Create a free hand leaf that is filled with shades of colors. The style is not very much popular but yes one can always give it a try. Different leaves are used here to create a design out of it. This kind of design is done during the occasion of Indian festivals like Shivratri or pooja. A beautiful creation to add some freshness to the traditional arrangement. If you are not so artistic, you can experiment with this arrangement that is easy to do and quick to get done with.


Yet, with these few of the rangoli styles, there are a number of others as well which are beautiful and easy to draw. If you are a new learner, this would be a good start to tick on by one from the list stated above. Everyone is not an artist to stay grounded with the rituals. Some of these rangoli styles can help during festivals.


Glamming up the house or any arrangement with rangoli makes everything happier and special. Rangoli’s have a different charm that no other design can carry. If the same Rangoli Design is drawn on a paper it won’t look so beautiful. When the same design is done by using flowers or rangoli colors, it will take your expressions to a different level.


So, all you beginners can start with these styles and become an expert in drawing rangoli over the time!



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