Easy Tricks to Draw Rangoli at Home

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Rangoli name is derived from Sanskrit word “Rangavali”. It is an ancient form of art which was observed in during auspicious festivals. In India, Rangoli Tradition is followed as the best object of home décor for the festivals. It enhances the beauty of homes. It was first developed in Maharashtra and then the ritual followed by other states.


Simple tricks to Draw Rangoli


The Indian lady draws Rangoli at the front door In Diwali, Holi, Onam, Durga Puja and so on. You must be excited to know about how Rangoli is drawn and which type of material is used in this. Here we have mentioned all types of information related Rangoli designs. Hope you will enjoy it.



Why we make Rangoli?


Welcome guest Rangoli Design


Rangoli is a colorful art observed to delight the homes in the occasions. It is made in the front door of a home to welcome the happiness in the homes. It is a great belief that drawing Rangoli at the front doors removes the bad vibes and brings goodness. in Diwali and Onam festival Rangoli drawing is a must. It is observed to please goddess Laxmi the goddess of wealth and happiness. This is drawn at the foot front or entrance to welcome the Laxmi Devi. Some delights the clay pots with oil to remove the darkness from the life. In Telugu and Hyderabad state Rangoli is drawn every morning and especially of white rice to feed the ants in the soil.



Material Used for Rangoli


In previous days natural ingredients are used to draw Rangoli. Mostly white rice ground powder is used to make the artistic Rangoli. There is the reason behind using rice flour. It is used for feeding bird and ants at the doors. Turmeric and chili powder was used to get the red and yellow color. Dried leaves powder is used to make the green color as well. But now the scenario is changed. Now there are multiples of colors made by using marble dust, corn flour, saw dust, bricks powder, and rice powder.


Latest Rangoli Designs


This powder is available in the market and every people can afford it to décor the outdoor in the festivals. It is used for fancy decorations and curves. Generally, it is known as abir/gulal in India. But Rangoli Powder is coarse and they are used only for Rangoli. In Holi festival, cornstarch color powder is used to sprinkle on faces. Some Rangoli powder is mixed with shiny powder to elevate the design. Sawdust is generally used to float the Rangoli on the water.



Steps to Draw Rangoli


Wet and mud floor is used to make the Rangoli designs. The surface of the Rangoli is smeared with cow dung but now simple clay is used to wet the surface.


First, you need to select the location and design for the Rangoli.


Once the wet surface is dried numbers of dots and lines are drawn using white rice or chalk.


Use index finger and thumb and slowly release the Rangoli powder on the dots.


Then join the dots and your design is ready.


Now the time is to fill your desired color into it.


Peacock Rangoli Designs


There are so many small square sizes to room size Rangoli designs available to draw. Rangoli design depends on the space and location. Traditional and peacock designs are followed in religious functions. While in other functions various lines and cones are drawn to welcome the guests.



Color Mixing Tips


You will get creative rainbow colors after mixing all these colors.

Red and Yellow,

Green and purple,

Yellow and Green,

Red and White,

Purple and Blue,

Pink and Blue


The white stone or marble powder is used for mixing various types of color. Marble stone powder adds sparkling shine to color. Also, the sand powder used to make the coarse and shiny Rangoli powder.

In a mixer, blend stone powder or sand powder with color in the Luke warm water. Now let it dry for five hours. Now you can follow the color mixing tips as mentioned above. Make peacock, flower, Arabic designs, lotus designs and various traditional to modern art designs using these tips.


If you are interested in drawing artistic designs and want to Buy Rangoli Powder Online, here is the perfect place for you. Drawing Rangoli is easy. Now there are various Rangoli pens and craft papers are available to make the Rangoli. It is an art that is found in Indian ladies. There are so ethnic and stylish designs made by Indian woman without going to any classes of Rangoli designs.

Wish this article will help you in learning how to draw Rangoli designs. Try it you will definitely get it.



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