Basic Ways to Make Floating Rangoli with Color Powder

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When it comes to festive art there are few things as beautiful as a rangoli. A thing of beauty, it spreads an aura of good spirit and positivity. They form an integral part of “Diwali” celebrations in India, setting up the tone and brightening the sparks. Rangoli can be of different types; flower rangoli, water rangoli, powdered rangoli. The flower and powdered rangoli are the most common ones being created in households across the country. But why not push your limits? Why not create something out of the ordinary? Be prepared to amaze and woo your guests.


Ideas to Draw Floating Rangoli with Color Powder


We will today be focusing on the water rangoli or “alpana”, as it is known in some parts of India. And the best part is when you get to use your own creative ideas and make your very own rangoli. So we decided to step up and help you in that process. We have compiled some tips for making rangoli for you below-


Using Melted Wax


Rangoli on Water using Melted Wax


This can be a little complicated but if you already have a pre-made design it becomes a lot easier. Assuming you have a pre-made design you have to follow 3 little steps. This does not need any water, though.


  • Heat the wax. You have to melt it to a required consistency.


  • Make sure to beat the wax well while heating so that it doesn’t cool down and harden.


  • Add crayons in the mix to make it vibrant and colorful. Use your imaginations. Here is your chance to play with the colours.


  • Now, apply the beaten mixture on the design, and voila!



Using Distemper/oil


Water or oil best rangolis are unconventional and pleasing to the eyes. They showcase your innovative touch and portray the inner artist you own. Basically, of two types, you can check rangoli on water and Underwater Rangoli Ideas below.


Rangoli on water/floating rangoli


Rangoli on Water using rangoli powder


Ingredients: cold water, a glass bowl, rangoli powder and a couple of tablespoons of oil.




  • Take the bowl you want to place your rangoli in.


  • Apply a thin layer of oil on the inner surface of the bowl.


  • Now fill the bowl with cold water all the way to the edges.


  • Sprinkle white distemper powder on the surface of the water. You can also use talcum powder or rice powder. Make sure the layer of powder is thick enough.


  • Draw the rangoli design on top of this.


  • If you are looking for a colored base mix them with the powder.


  • Fill in the colors as per need.


  • Sprinkle glitter for that extra touch.


Rangoli under water


Ingredients: high sided plate, wax candles, Rangoli Powder, water




  • Heat the plate at first. When the plate is hot enough rub a candle so that a thin layer of wax settles on it.


  • Leave the plate aside until the wax dries up.


  • As soon as the wax is dry, draw you favored rangoli pattern or design on the wax.


  • After finishing drawing, reheat the plate so that rangoli pattern settles down.


  • Keep it aside.


  • As the plate cools down, pour water on it.


Using Paper


Rangoli on Water using Paper and Powder Color


This method is like creating rangoli on water. It is painting on the surface of the water. It can be done with either distemper as already mentioned in the article, or you can use melted wax or paper as better alternatives.


Using melted wax


Ingredients: water, melted candle wax, bowl




  • Take a bowl of shallow stagnant water.


  • Spread some melted candle wax on it.


  • Keep it aside till the wax settles in a thin layer.


  • Draw or prepare your rangoli over this layer. It is very important that you take utmost care while doing this because if the layer is too thick it may drown.


Using paper


Ingredients: paper, glitters, sawdust, flat pan or utensil.




  • Take a piece of paper.


  • Cut it so that fits the diameter of the utensil you are using for creating your rangoli.


  • Prepare your rangoli design using your innovative and creative ideas with the piece of paper. You can create all sorts of patterns and sketches. There is a world of possibilities you can choose from.


  • Add glitter or any other decorative ingredient to the rangoli to make it more stunning and effervescent.


  • You can also add floating candles to the mix to enhance the beauty of it.



We hope you have noted down the methods we have compiled for you. Follow them and you will be showered with praises and compliments for your creativity and imaginative prowess. Make sure you create at least one of the above. Enjoy the festive season to the fullest. Cheers.

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